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JEM GPR Hole Locating/Transposing

JEM GPR has the right tools to help you non-destructively transpose marks or layout through a wall or floor to the other side. This can be performed on walls or floors up to 3’ thick. Transposing your layout through a wall or floor will remove much of the guess work that sometimes comes into play when marking both sides of a wall or floor.

An example where transposing a layout could be useful would be a customer wants a doorway through a concrete wall to the exterior of a building. Is the floor on the inside of the building at the same elevation as the sidewalk outside, or will a step need to be installed? Is there an electrical panel on the exterior wall that may be in the way?

These are just a couple questions that could be easily answered by having JEM GPR perform a locate for your project. Contact us for a quote!

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