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JEM GPR will provide an operator trained in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), as well as the appropriate equipment for locating objects in the designated scanning area. Several factors can affect the usability and accuracy of GPR scanning, such as but not limited to the moisture content of the concrete, surface condition of the slab, obstructions on the surface, amount or type of steel reinforcement, etc. GPR does not measure the diameter of the objects, only their location. Because GPR scanning is typically performed from one side of the concrete slab, objects that are “hidden” by other objects located nearer to the surface may not be visible. Scanning from both sides can provide a more accurate picture if needed. JEM GPR cannot guarantee it will locate all embedments on site. Scanning near walls and other obstructions on top of the slab is limited by how close the antenna can get to the obstruction. Typically scanning will only be possible to within approximately 2” of walls and obstructions.

JEM GPR will mark all findings directly onto the surface using paint, tape, marker, or crayon. We will attempt to identify conduit, rebar, wire mesh, post tension cable, etc. However, these embedments can be indistinguishable from each other. Best practice recommends avoiding markings entirely. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid all markings by at least 1” whenever possible.

Due to changing job site conditions and environments, it is impossible for an imaging contractor to leave markings of embedments and have them remain for a guaranteed length of time. Upon completion of JEM GPR’s contracted work, the ownership of those markings shall immediately transfer to the contracting agency and/or owner. It is the responsibility of the contracting agency and/or owner to maintain the condition of the markings as long as they are required.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the limitations to GPR described above, and release and indemnify JEM GPR, its owners, and agents from all losses and damages from all alleged negligence and/or contract claims by any customer or third party. These terms and conditions supersede any other previous terms and conditions, either oral or written.

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